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pola soothe

Pola Soothe Reduces Tooth Sensitivity


Soothing desensitising gel

Calm teeth sensitivity with this soothing gel
Teeth can become sensitive during or after whitening treatment due to the perfectly safe chemical and thermal changes that occur during the process. pola soothe is a sustained release gel containing potassium nitrate and fluoride which works quickly to soothe any sensitivity.

  • Can be applied either before or after each treatment
  • Contains 6% potassium nitrate which blocks transmission to provide a calming effect
  • Contains 0.1% fluoride which reduces sensitivity and assists remineralisation of the teeth
  • Unlike other desensitisers, pola soothe does not interfere with the whitening process

In-practice whitening

pola rapid

Take home whitening

pola day & pola night

Take home whitening

pola light

Take home whitening

pola for aligners

Brush-on whitening

pola luminate

Desensitising gel

pola soothe