Because every day is a school day

At SDI, we understand that dental professionals strive to ensure they know about the very latest techniques, materials and equipment. Take a closer look at our recent instructional video on how best to use pola in a practice setting. More videos are to be posted soon.

Pola Whitening Tutorial

SDI Pola Light with Dr Linda Greenwall

SDI Pola Soothe with Dr Linda Greenwall

SDI Pola - New Packaging

Why choose SDI pola?

SDI pola - Whitening application

SDI pola tooth whitening system - Testimonials

Miss Universe Australia's pola Teeth Whitening Journey

The SDI Podcast with Dr Linda Greenwall

SDI Pola Stand Assembly

SDI pola - Amy's tooth whitening journey

SDI pola Patient introduction

SDI pola tooth whitening - Impression taking

SDI pola - Whitening on the go

The pola In-Practice Tooth Whitening Procedure