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The explosion of consumer choice has reverberated in many areas of dentistry, especially in cosmetic dentistry and more specifically, professional tooth whitening. Unlike other more invasive treatments, professional tooth whitening is where patients can really transform into “consumers” and have the freedom to use their own knowledge and lifestyle demands to ultimately choose the type of whitening that best suits their desires.

The most popular first step when purchasing any goods or service today is online research,  so clinicians must expect that some patients will come to their consultation armed with information they’ve picked up online as an initial idea of what they want to go for.

Suddenly, the patient appears to be in full control when it comes to tooth whitening options. They want it white, they want it bright and they want it now! But this should be no cause for concern for clinicians when you can offer patients three key options, in-practice whitening, take-home whitening and quick-fix brush-on options – all within one reliable system.

In-practice whitening – More immediate, visible results can be achieved by in-practice whitening treatment applied in the dentist’s chair by a qualified dental professional. polaoffice+, in line with current EU regulations, contains only 6% hydrogen peroxide but with a high pH it produces a faster release of active oxygen and free radicals which means it is effective in just 45 minutes and can be used with or without a bleaching light.

Day or night take-home whitening – Known for their efficacy and longevity, professionally dispensed take-home whitening treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the patient’s preference, and available in a variety of different strengths and applications, whitening agents are applied for as little as 30 minutes per day or for longer periods at night.

Brush on touch-ups – Busy patients will appreciate the convenience and speed of on-the-go whitening. Ideal as a touch-up whitener after or in-between other whitening treatments, pola luminate is a 6% hydrogen peroxide low viscosity, fast-drying gel which can be applied twice a day for 30 minutes without the need for a tray.

Today’s “consumers” want to be in control of their whitening treatment, but fortunately clinicians now have a wide variety of treatment options to offer them. Professional tooth whitening systems such as pola provide an appropriate option for every patient, supported with free customised marketing materials to help the treatment selection process. Give your patients the choice and watch your whitening business grow from strength to strength. 

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