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Social media, YouTube and today’s culture of life hacks and quick fixes mean that patients are, for better or worse, more informed than ever before about tooth whitening – and have high expectations of achieving instant results. With pola luminate, our paint-on whitening gel, we believe we’ve come up with a product that meets those expectations – without compromising on quality or safety.

Paint-on tooth whitening is…

…FAST. pola luminate is a whitening brush-on gel that offers 6% hydrogen peroxide without the need for whitening trays or appointments in the chair. Quick and easy to apply, the pen-like whitening paint is low-viscosity and dries fast, making it ideal for on-the-go top-ups as and when your patient requires it.

…AFFORDABLE. Best used in-between professional home or in-chair whitening treatments, such as poladay and polanight or polaoffice+, pola luminate is an economical way to encourage patients to maintain their white smile in the long term. As well as being super-convenient, pola luminate is also cheaper than treatments that require trays or chair time, so it’s an attractive proposition for patients who have already invested in their smile. It also provides a great opportunity to impress upon patients the importance of combining their paint-on whitening with a robust, preventive hygiene routine.

…EFFECTIVE. pola luminate combines the ease of over-the-counter treatments, such as whitening strips, with the predictability of prescription 6% hydrogen peroxide. It’s this safe yet flexible, “quick fix” approach that will enable your practice to meet the demands of the socially switched-on consumer – and prevent them from trying alternatives that may be harmful to their dental health. All that’s required is a quick in-practice demonstration and your patient will be ready to whiten on the go with pola luminate.

…REVENUE BOOSTING. With the UK tooth market thought to be worth £40 million, patient retention is undeniably good for business. Offering the widest possible range of whitening solutions, including pola luminate is key to your practice’s success, because it means patients are less likely to shop around for other options, and more likely to remain committed to your care in the long term.

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