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Tooth whitening is arguably one of few treatments in dentistry that has captured the public interest. In the age of a whiter, brighter smile is increasingly being considered a necessity – and today’s patients don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to achieve it. That’s why pola from SDI has stepped forward with a range of express tooth whitening options for busy lives.

The world’s fastest in-chair whitening

Some whitening procedures can take more than 60 minutes in the chair. But with polaoffice+ (6% hydrogen peroxide), patients can achieve results in just 45 minutes, without the need for a curing light. polaoffice+ is faster than our take-home 6%, thanks to a unique formulation and delivery system. The alkaline substance is kept separate until just before use. Higher pH at the point of delivery ensures a rapid release of peroxide ions, which not only offers the fastest treatment time possible, it reduces the risk of sensitivity, too. The polaoffice+ gel is easy to apply in a single layer, and with no need for any soft tissue isolation, chair time is further reduced.

Whitening on the go

Whitening is a great opportunity to educate patients about the need to maintain a good hygiene routine – and combined with pola luminate, they really can expect the results to last. A unique paint-on “touch-up” system, pola luminate is a low-viscosity, fast-drying gel containing 6% hydrogen peroxide. It can be applied at any time, day or night, to whiten just one individual tooth or brighten up a complete smile. After an initial in-practice consultation explaining the technique, patients can use their “whitening-on-the go” system whenever they need to.

Combining the shortest possible in-chair whitening with the longer-term, economical maintenance of “on-the-go” whitening offers patients the widest possible choice. This will ensure they keep coming back to your practice – ultimately boosting revenue in this competitive market.

Book your FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ with SDI’s range of professional pola tooth whitening systems here, or find out more by visiting our product page.

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