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Today’s patients are busy people and professional whitening systems not only have to be safe, effective and pain-free, they need to accommodate their hectic lifestyles – fitting into their schedule whilst not breaking the bank!

Some patients like to see instant results and one solution is professional chairside whitening, taking place in practice and allowing for the safe and controlled application of bleaching gel to give immediate visible results.

polaoffice+ is the world’s fastest bleach, containing 6% hydrogen peroxide and complying fully with EU regulations. It is effective in as little as 45 minutes and can be used with or without a bleaching/curing light.

polaoffice+ 6% hydrogen peroxide is faster than take home 6% because of the unique formulation and delivery system. The alkaline part is kept separate until just before use. Higher pH at the point of delivery ensures a rapid release of peroxide ions which means shorter treatment time. The higher pH also reduces sensitivity, along with the built-in desensitisers which polaoffice+ contains.

polaoffice+ contains a high percentage of water which eliminates the shade rebound effect and further reduces the risk of sensitivity. This ensures safe, quick and long-term whitening results for your patients.

Fast and simple delivery

Patients do not relish spending any longer than necessary in a dental chair, so preparation for their whitening treatment needs to be fast and efficient. Using a dual barrel syringe system saves valuable time by mixing the whitening formulation only at the point of contact with the tooth, ensuring product stability and a consistent blend of freshly activated gel to maximise the whitening effect. With a gel that is easy to apply in a single layer and without the need for any soft tissue isolation, chair time is reduced and productivity is increased.

Quick teeth whitening + on-the-go top-ups

Whitened teeth need careful maintenance with the use of touch-up paint-on (or pen) whitening such as pola luminate, offering 6% hydrogen peroxide on-the-go whitening.

After an initial in-practice consultation explaining the paint-on technique, patients can simply walk away and continue with their “whitening-on-the move” treatment to suit their needs. Using a low viscosity fast drying gel enables a film to form on the tooth surface and can be applied at any time, day or night, to whiten just one individual tooth or brighten up a complete smile.

Professional in-practice tooth whitening combined with paint-on whitening meets the needs of your busy patients and boosts practice revenue in this competitive market.

Book your FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ with SDI’s range of professional pola tooth whitening systems here, or find out more by visiting our product page.

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