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Linda Greenwall talks about a new at-home whitening system using LED light technology

Do you think that professional tooth whitening treatment has reached a point where nothing much surprises you anymore? Well, maybe it’s time to think again.

The consumer appetite for whitening shows no sign of abating. According to recent data collected by the Oral Health Foundation, adults under the age of 35 are spending £750 a year on dental treatment – more than three times the national average.

Data also showed tooth whitening is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment – with more than four-in-10 (42%) under 35s having had whitening treatment.

In a world strongly influenced by social media and celebrity culture, at-home tooth whitening and maintenance has experienced a boom. Now with the added effects of the Zoom phenomenon of needing to look good from the shoulders up for meetings and a strong pent-up demand for people to once again feel good about their looks post-lockdown, there are many more people prepared to spend money on achieving the best whitening results.

What’s new?

Pola Light Box Open 6%Unlike other cosmetic treatments that many would like to keep quiet about, tooth whitening has become something to shout about.

To the Instagram generation, stained and unsightly teeth are a definite no-no so fast and effective whitening and top-ups are a number one priority. So how about a take-home professional whitening product that uses portable, rechargeable LED light technology that delivers a brighter smile in just five days?

Launched in the UK in April, the new Pola Light from SDI is an advanced whitening system containing Pola Day 6% hydrogen peroxide gel coupled with an LED mouthpiece that helps accelerate the whitening process.

One of the world’s leading authorities on whitening, Dr Linda Greenwall has been an integral part of the launch and believes that Pola Light offers something very different to the whitening market.

‘Pola Light is a very exciting new product that makes at-home whitening so much easier,’ says Linda. ‘Professional whitening using custom-made trays guarantees the best results, but it doesn’t suit everyone and it takes longer.

‘Here’s an opportunity for clinicians to offer a new solution with a rechargeable light that is visually exciting, easy to use, delivers results and motivates patients to complete their treatment at home.’

Unique selling point

For clinicians, the LED mouthpiece is the unique selling point of Pola Light. As Linda explains: ‘When I first posted on my social media about Pola Light last December, I had dentists from all over the world asking for more information and details of where they could get hold of the product.

‘It has the potential to be a fantastic practice builder. As with any professional whitening, patients must first be assessed by a dentist prior to using Pola Light. This is a chance to not just give patients the product but also show them how it works and experience it in the chair.

‘Take photos; make the experience fun then patients can post about it, tag and promote the dentist and practice and it gives them the motivation to carry out their treatment at home or with their friends. This is how I’m planning to launch Pola Light to my patients.’

What’s in the box?

SDI pola light kitThe Pola Light kit contains:

  • One Pola LED mouthpiece
  • Four 3g Pola Day tooth whitening syringes
  • A USB charging cord
  • An instruction guide with a shade guide

The high viscosity, pH-neutral whitening gel contains a blend of soothers and conditioners with a high water content to assist in reducing sensitivity and ensuring patient comfort.

The LED mouthpiece is dual arch and a universal size, removing the need for custom-made trays, saving both the patient and clinician valuable time. The tray is soft, comfortable but not obtrusive, allowing patients to whiten at home while carrying on with their day.

Minimise sensitivity

Sensitivity is a known issue with whitening treatment. Weak enamel surfaces, gum recession or using too much whitening gel can all add to the problem. ‘The beauty of Pola Light is that it goes on the incisal tips first so it’s not necessarily pressing on the gum,’ says Linda. ‘Any sensitivity issues can be easily solved with a soothing gel. I give my patients a syringe of Pola Soothe to take home so at the first sign of any sensitivity it can be used 30 minutes before treatment, after treatment or instead of treatment for immediate relief as required.’

Better times ahead

As lockdown restrictions slowly ease, everyone needs some positivity in their life and to have some fun. With patients looking forward to going out socialising and even going on holiday once again, Pola Light offers them an exciting, motivational whitening treatment for a brighter, more confident smile in as little as five days.

Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the LED mouthpiece, it’s the ideal choice for fast whitening results and future top-up treatments.


Dr Linda GreenwallDr Linda Greenwall
BDS MGDS RCS MSc MRD RCS FFGDP FICD BEMSpecialist in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics