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Different patients have different requirements, especially when it comes to elective treatments such as teeth whitening. When your patient wants results fast, they need in-office teeth whitening.

Unlike home whitening kits, in-office whitening treatment offers the quickest and most visible results and is a good option for those patients who are willing to spend time in the dental chair and pay for professional treatment.

polaoffice+ is SDI’s in-office teeth whitening formulation, containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, the maximum strength allowed under EU regulations. Its unique formulation immediately dissolves and releases the active whitening ingredient to initiate the whitening process. By breaking down and releasing the peroxide ions fast, pola’s whitening process is triggered and does not require UV light therapy to accelerate the process.

The combination of 6% hydrogen peroxide and a high pH to produce a faster release of active oxygen and free radicals means it is effective in just 45 minutes and can be used with or without a bleaching light.

The fast release of the peroxide ions means less chair time and increased productivity for the clinician, whilst shorter treatment time results in minimal discomfort and sensitivity for the patient, alongside teeth being 3 or 4 shades whiter.

Hypersensitivity is a known risk factor for patients undergoing teeth whitening procedures, as chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are able to penetrate through enamel and into dentine very quickly.

polaoffice+ contains a high pH and built-in desensitisers designed to inhibit post-operative sensitivity. Potassium nitrate is a key pain-reducing ingredient that penetrates the nerve endings, effectively blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses to provide a calming effect for the patient, without interfering with the whitening process.

A fast-acting whitening gel especially designed to minimise tooth sensitivity is the perfect answer for those patients who are looking for quick, effective and safe results.

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