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If you think you’ve heard everything about tooth whitening treatment, you may need to think again

The Probe has covered every aspect relating to tooth whitening treatment over the years. New whitening systems continue to emerge, bringing with them new ways of delivering a ‘whiter, brighter smile’ to patients enthusiastic about the results this treatment can deliver.

Thanks in a large part to the influence of social media and celebrity culture, there’s been massive growth in the popularity of tooth whitening, with the global market expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% between 2021-2026i. In such a competitive whitening market, fast results and ease of use are essential product ‘must-haves’, with ‘take-home’ whitening products leading the way.

As every dentist and hygienist is aware, but the general public often less so, effective tooth whitening treatment in the UK can only safely and legally be offered by a registered dental professional.

SDI Ltd. has been at the forefront of professional whitening treatment with the Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System, offering a range of solutions to suit patients’ lifestyles backed up by years of proven research and clinical success. Now, SDI has taken a step further, with the introduction of two new innovative take-home whitening treatments – Pola Light and Pola for Aligners.

Lighting the way

Pola Light uniquely combines Pola Day high viscosity, pH neutral, 6% hydrogen peroxide gel with a portable, rechargeable LED mouthpiece that helps accelerate the whitening process. No custom trays are required and results are usually visible within five days.

Dr Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall

One of the world’s leading authorities on teeth whitening, Dr Linda Greenwall, believes Pola Light offers not just a fun and novel way to whiten teeth, she also recommends it as a viable alternative for patients who’ve previously struggled with whitening trays or have never used at-home whitening before.

As Linda explains, “Pola Light brings something different to the whitening market. I see it as motivational way to introduce patients to whitening and a terrific way to top up existing whitening treatment at home or on holiday.

“As with all professional whitening, patients using Pola Light must be carefully assessed by a dentist prior to treatment. But at a single appointment patients can be assessed and have their first treatment. This enables the dentist to show exactly how Pola Light works, so patients can comfortably manage their treatment at home without the need for any follow-up visits.”

Whitening for the aligner market

Along with Pola Light, SDI continues to develop and keep pace with dental innovations. Now the company is raising the bar once again with the launch of new Pola for Aligners, an advanced take home whitening system perfectly formulated for use with orthodontic aligner trays.

Pola for Aligners, incorporating Pola Night 10% carbamide peroxide gel, is carefully designed for use with any aligner system. Patients can whiten between meals for just 1-2 hours a day or whiten while they sleep, overnight. The high viscosity Pola gel stays securely in place within the orthodontic trays for optimal whitening and maximum patient safety and comfort, with no additional wear time required.

With the clear aligner market forecasted to grow 25% in the next five years*, more patients are looking to combine tooth whiting with their orthodontic journey. As Linda explains, “Congratulations to SDI. As they’ve always got their finger on the pulse. Aligner treatment is a very fast growing industry. So many patients are now choosing aligners to straighten their teeth and because patients are used to wearing their aligners, this is a natural step to help them have whitening treatment as an additional bonus.

“My recommendation is to start using Pola for Aligners around a month into aligner treatment, just to allow everything to settle down. As with any professional whitening, patients must first be assessed by their dentist prior to using Pola for Aligners.

“Even if patients have attachments on their orthodontic appliances, or use straight edged or scalloped aligners, this does not interfere with the whitening process. As long as the whitening gel is applied for the recommended length of time, you will get very effective results.”

All-round solutions

Pola for Aligners combines the same benefits as the award-winning Pola whitening formula. The neutral pH gel ensures patient comfort, while the high water content contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity and increase patient compliance.

Pola for Aligners can be prescribed as a one-off treatment during orthodontic treatment or customised for extended periods of use in order to achieve optimal whitening results.

Pola Light and Pola for Aligners from SDI are setting new standards in whitening treatment, providing better whitening solutions that are simple, safe and effective.

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