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Dr Linda Greenwall - Specialist in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics

Dr Linda Greenwall – Specialist in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics

Linda Greenwall explains why SDI’s LED light technology is leading the way for professional at-home whitening.

In a highly competitive whitening market, it takes a special product to stand out from the crowd.

SDI has been at the forefront of advanced professional tooth whitening for over 20 years with SDI Pola that offers a solution for every patient, whether they prefer to be treated at the practice, at home or on the go.

SDI has an excellent reputation for its whitening gels which deliver whitening in a simple, easy and efficient way.

Unsurprisingly, SDI is now leading the way in advanced take-home whitening with Pola Light, a fast-acting whitening formula in a portable mouthpiece using LED light technology.

Pola Light is ideal for patients who already whiten their teeth and want to top up their whitening quickly or as a starter kit for patients who have never done whitening in trays before.

It is very easy to use, especially when it comes to application of the whitening gel, which has been developed to flow nicely from the syringe, rather than a pen, while being thick enough so it doesn’t ooze out of the trays.

A thin 2mm line of gel in the tray is all that is required.

Pola Light Box Open 6%

Tackling sensitivity

Sensitivity and gum irritation are known problems with some whitening treatments.

Sensitivity can occur around the gums when the tray is over-contoured or pushing onto the gingiva causing gingival irritation.

With Pola Light, the tray doesn’t extend to that level, so this isn’t an issue and sensitivity is further reduced because of the short wear time of the gel – just two 10 or 15-minute treatments per day.

For added protection against sensitivity, SDI Pola Soothe contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which blocks the tubules to soothe and protect the teeth.

It can be used in the whitening trays 30 minutes before, after or instead of whitening and does not interfere with the whitening process in any way.

Fast results

SDI pola light kitVisible whitening results with Pola Light can be achieved in as little as five days because of the way the product is manufactured to dissociate quickly but be thick enough to stay in the location where it is needed.

Pola Day gel contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water and oxygen with oxygen being the active ingredient that penetrates through the enamel into the dentine within just five to 10 minutes.

As it disperses, the oxygen cleanses the pigment molecules, turning the pigment from yellow to white starting from the incisal tip.

With Pola Light, no impressions or custom-made trays are required.

Everything a patient needs is ready in the box, including a portable, fully charged and rechargeable LED mouthpiece, 12 days of treatment gels, a USB charger, instructions and a shade guide so they can get started on whitening straight away.

The tray is one size fits all and slightly wider than other trays while still being comfortable and easy to use to allow the best contact between the teeth and whitening gel.

Future top-up gels are also available upon the advice of a dentist.

Safety first

Of course, any patient considering professional whitening must first be assessed by a dental professional to ensure they are a suitable candidate.

Dentists have a duty and obligation to check the mouth and look for things like hidden abscesses, dark teeth which have become non-vital, leaking fillings, any decay or further diseases in the mouth.

The efficacy and safety of the whitening products themselves are also extremely important.

At my practice, we recommend Pola Light not only for the light, but also for the well-known reputation of the Pola Day and Pola Night whitening gels.

Both have over 20 years of proven research and development behind them (many papers are available to read on PubMed) to show they are effective and safe, delivering whitening in a simple and manageable way.

The original and the best

The service and support we receive from SDI is second to none.

They have an excellent team who is very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and ready to help at any time.

Whitening has become exponential, it is a huge part of my practice and we see many patients who want to achieve beautiful smiles in a simple way.

Pola Light brings something different to the whitening market, allowing our patients to experience professional whitening at their convenience and at a more affordable cost, delivering whiter teeth in as little as five days.

Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the LED mouthpiece, plus with Pola Light ‘s innovative blend of soothers, conditioner and high water content to assist in reducing sensitivity, it’s the ideal choice for whitening teeth quickly and safely at home as well as for future top-up treatments.