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Linda Greenwall looks at a new advanced at-home whitening system with LED technology.

SDI pola light kitIn a world strongly influenced by social media and celebrity culture, at-home tooth whitening and maintenance is experiencing a boom, and fast results and ease of use is of the essence. This is why one of the world’s leading authorities on tooth whitening, Dr Linda Greenwall, is so pleased to announce the launch of Pola Light, an advanced whitening system containing Pola Day 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide gel coupled with an LED mouthpiece that helps accelerate the whitening process.

“I believe that Pola Light is a very exciting new product that makes at-home whitening so much easier” says Linda. “Results will depend on the colour of the existing teeth, but for a naturally white smile the whitening effect can be seen within three to four days. Treatment takes from just 20 minutes a day with the fast-acting gel formulated to remove long-term stains in as little as five days.”

The high viscosity, pH-neutral whitening gel contains a unique blend of soothers and conditioners with a high water content to assist in reducing sensitivity and ensuring patient comfort. The LED mouthpiece is dual arch and a universal size, removing the need for custom-made trays, saving both the patient and the clinician valuable time. The tray is soft, comfortable but not obtrusive, allowing patients to whiten at home while carrying on with their day.

LED technology

For clinicians, the LED mouthpiece is the unique selling point of Pola Light. As Linda explains, “What is so nice about this feature is that it’s motivational for patients. It’s a new, fun thing to do leading to more compliance and better results. It is ideal for whitening top-ups and for patients on the move or to take on holiday.”

Just one visit

As with any professional whitening, patients must be first assessed by a dentist prior to using Pola Light. In just one practice visit patients can be assessed, have the first treatment in practice and be shown how Pola Light works so they feel comfortable managing their treatment at home without the need for any follow-up visits.

Sensitivity is a known issue with whitening treatment. Weak enamel surfaces, gum recession or using too much whitening gel can all add to the problem. ”Any sensitivity issues can be easily solved with a soothing gel,” says Linda. “I give my patients a syringe of Pola Soothe to take home which can be used 30 minutes before treatment, after treatment or instead of one treatment session for immediate relief if required.”

The final word

As the UK begins to move out of lockdown, everyone needs some positivity and to have some fun. With patients looking forward to more social occasions and the chance to go on holiday once more, Pola Light offers them an exciting, motivational whitening treatment for a brighter, more confident smile in as little as five days. Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the LED mouthpiece, it is the ideal choice for fast whitening results and future top-up treatments.