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In a time when expressing one’s individuality through personal choice is more important than ever it makes sense to partner with a whitening brand that has a range of options to suit all of your patients’ needs.

Fulfilling the tremendous income stream potential of whitening treatment depends on finding a whitening partner who you can trust to give patients all the choice they demand, such as that offered by the pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System from SDI.

The ultimate in choice

When a patient elects a home whitening system, it’s best to determine the advantages of them carrying it out overnight, or if a shorter daytime treatment would be more suitable.
With poladay’s hydrogen peroxide-based whitening agent, the gel can be applied for as little as 30 minutes twice a day, whilst the slow release carbamide peroxide-based formula of polanight requires a longer tray wear time so is more suitable for overnight.

Whilst home whitening kits offer convenience, it may take a little longer to see the desired results. This is where in-chair whitening really comes to the fore. Offering the quickest and most visible results, this formulation works faster than take-home products and polaoffice+ is effective in just 45 minutes due to the special activator which accelerates the release of active oxygen ions.

For the ultimate in convenience, patients can simply walk away and continue with pola luminate’s on-the-move, brush-on treatment – a 6% hydrogen peroxide, low-viscosity, fast-drying gel that can be applied twice a day for 30 minutes without the need for a tray.

The pola system features PDT (Pola Desensitising Technology), which together with a high water content to prevent dehydration and fluoride to help remineralise the tooth surface, provides triple-action protection against sensitivity, so clinicians can help their patients see treatment through to the end.

A trusted whitening partner

A long and proven track record of success in all of these areas is why so many dental businesses and clinicians see SDI as more than a just a supplier. As a trusted tooth whitening partner, SDI provides expert clinical support, CPD lunch and learns, a range of practice marketing materials at your fingertips, and the ultimate choice of whitening solutions for you and your patients.

Book your FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ with SDI’s range of professional pola tooth whitening systems here, or find out more by visiting our product page.

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