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Michael Farrow, SDI European Sales Manager says dental practices have a duty to raise patient awareness of illegal tooth whitening procedures.


Warnings about the potentially life-changing health risks of illegal tooth whitening treatments have been made by several leading oral health organisations over recent months.


Anyone using unqualified dental operators for tooth whitening is “gambling with their health,” according to The British Dental Association. The BDA spoke out following the recent conviction of a man who admitted to the use and supply of illegal tooth whitening products. Using the products he was selling would be like “brushing your teeth in bleach”, according to the BDA’s statement.


The UK oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, has also been highlighting the serious risks that consumers are taking by opting for illegal and unsafe whitening treatment.


It is clear that there is still work to be done to educate the public about both the legal and health ramifications of having whitening done without the involvement of a qualified practitioner to oversee the treatment.


Encourage your patients to use trusted dental professionals

The BDA’s scientific advisor Professor Damien Walmsley warned against people wasting their money and risking their health by buying over-the-counter and online products to whiten teeth. He explained that these whitening kits are likely to take longer and be less effective than treatment from the dentist.


It is important for dentists to encourage their patients to use trusted dental professionals for any whitening treatment they are planning.


Promoting whitening in practice


Companies like SDI provide ready-made materials to make marketing their range of professional tooth whitening options effortless, including leaflets, posters and stands. Displaying these in reception and in treatment rooms can help raise awareness of this safe and effective treatment.


SDI also offer in-house ‘Lunch & Learn’ training sessions to help dental practices understand the benefits of the pola whitening system and how to inform and educate patients effectively.


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