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Sensitivity is a common concern among patients who are considering professional tooth bleaching – but with pola’s modern range of whitening solutions, it’s easier than ever for clinicians to put their patients’ minds at rest. Here are our top tips for ensuring successful whitening with pola.

  1. Be prepared

If your patient is worried about experiencing sensitivity, the key lies in the planning. During their initial whitening consultation, talk them through the benefits of choosing a take-home whitening treatment like poladay or polanight, which offer flexible formulations that help clinicians manage sensitivity. And suggest they use a desensitising toothpaste for at least a week before their whitening treatment begins.

  1. Be flexible

poladay and polanight allow clinicians to tailor their tooth whitening to the preferences, lifestyles and sensitivity concerns of their patients. poladay comes in 3% and 6% hydrogen peroxide formulations, and can be applied for as few as 30 minutes a day. polanight, with its 3% and 6% carbamide peroxide formulations, is designed to work overnight and is often the gentlest approach for sufferers of sensitivity.

  1. Be confident

The best thing about poladay and polanight is that every option comes with built-in desensitisers – reassuring for both patients and prescribers. pola’s dual approach to tooth bleaching sensitivity combines a high water content, to reduce dehydration, with a fluoride-releasing agent that remineralises the teeth. In addition, the high viscosity of the bleaching gel means that poladay and polanight are easy to apply and don’t leak out of the tray during treatment – targeting the teeth effectively without any risk to the gums.

  1. Be safe

There’s no denying the science of tooth bleaching – though it is completely safe, it can cause sensitivity and patients need to know that there are solutions you can offer. pola soothe – a desensitising gel that can be applied before and after treatment – is one such example, containing sustained-release potassium nitrate, which blocks the pain, and fluoride, which further remineralises the teeth. Best of all, pola soothe does not interfere with the whitening process, so patients can feel reassured that their results won’t be compromised by sensitivity issues.

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