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Branching out into whitening is turning out to be a profitable move for many high street dentists, including NHS dentists.

As the demand for cosmetic treatments continues to increase, it’s essential to use dental practice marketing strategies to make your patients aware of the whitening treatments you offer. The resultant treatment uptake can turn into a lucrative revenue stream and, once they have registered as new patients, you can then offer them a wider range of treatment options, thus building revenue further.

Effectively marketing whitening in your practice is all about informing and educating patients that they can get the results they are looking for with you. It’s also about reinforcing the message that only treatments containing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide can achieve this and that these treatment strengths can only legally be prescribed by a qualified dental professional.

Display dental practice marketing in practice

Using customisable marketing and education materials can help make patients more aware of the different options available. Patients tell us that being informed and educated makes them feel comfortable and more likely to be a willing participant in their treatment plan and general oral health.

Brand recognition is important to the millions of Generation Ys and Zs, so it’s vital you reassure them that the whitening manufacturer you use is established and approved by the profession.

At SDI we provide free, ready-made materials to make marketing the range of whitening options effortless, including posters, leaflets, stands, stickers and bags. Displaying these prominently in reception and in treatment rooms raises awareness and may encourage your patients to enquire about the options.

Upskill your practice team

On the introduction of any new treatment, it’s important to ensure the whole practice team is trained to provide and promote it. At SDI we are committed to offering training opportunities such as product demonstrations and ‘Lunch & Learn’ where trainers will train dental professionals on how to use our whitening products safely and effectively.

Effective training ensures that the whole team is confident enough to recommend and deliver the most suitable whitening option to each patient so that, by the end of their treatment, they have achieved a whiter, brighter smile.

With the right system in place, whitening can become one of your secret weapons in building a great range of treatment options, attracting more patients and generating a more profitable practice.

Book your FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ with SDI’s range of professional pola tooth whitening systems here, or find out more by visiting our product page.

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