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A look at how the whitening procedure itself could be just as important as the results.

For clinicians to be able to effectively tap into the burgeoning demand of the £40 million tooth whitening market, the key is understanding the consumers convenience considerations. From the busy “time-is-of-the-essence” patient, to those looking towards an impending event such as a wedding or graduation, consideration also needs to be given to the time needed to complete treatment, the costs involved and the convenience of appointment times. For all of these people being able to provide the most fitting whitening solution that suits their lifestyle is now an expectation.

But this should be no cause for concern for clinicians, when you can offer patients three key options; in-practice whitening, take-home whitening and quick-fix brush-on options – often all within one reliable system. It’s during that first consultation that as the prescribing dental professional you must explain all the options available, including the ones they think they want, whilst probe a little more into their lifestyles to determine which treatment would suit them best.

In the chair?

Whilst home whitening kits offer comfort and convenience, it may take patients a little longer to see the desired results. This is where in-practice whitening treatment really comes to the fore. Offering the quickest and most visible results this formulation is often stronger than take home products. In accordance to the EU regulations which prohibit concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide greater than 6%, treatments such as polaoffice+ effectively contain only 6% hydrogen peroxide with a high pH to produce a faster release of active oxygen and free radicals which means it is effective in just 45 minutes and can be used with or without a bleaching light. If patients are prepared to pay for this specialist treatment and spend the time in the chair, they can benefit from fast, effective, and comfortable whitening treatment that’s delivered by the professionals!

In the day or night?

When the patient elects a home whitening system, it’s best to determine the advantages of them carrying it out overnight, or if a daytime treatment would be more suitable. Well-supported for their efficacy and longevity, professionally-dispensed take-home whitening treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the patient’s preference, and available in a variety of different strengths and applications, whitening agents are applied for as little as 30 minutes per day or for longer periods at night.

Advantages can be gained from wearing trays overnight as they naturally tend to be longer than their daytime equivalents helping to reduce the total number of treatments require and are particularly beneficial for those cases where the type of tooth staining being treated is especially stubborn.

The range of strengths enables clinicians and patients alike to choose a suitable level of active whitening agent which will suit day or night application and the sensitivity of the patient’s teeth. Formulations such as poladay and polanight contain a built-in desensitiser and a high water content to reduce sensitivity plus fluoride release to remineralise the tooth surface, providing added protection against sensitivity.

On the go?

For the ultimate in convenience, patients can simply walk away and continue with on-the-move, brush-on treatment to suit their needs. They can apply a touch up procedure whenever they wish at any time during the day or night, an ideal way to maintain tooth whitening between in-practice or take-home whitening sessions. Patients with limited time on their hands will appreciate the convenience and speed of this option via pola luminate, for instance, a 6% hydrogen peroxide low viscosity, fast-drying gel which can be applied twice a day for 30 minutes without the need for a tray.

So, when discussing whitening with patients it is important to not just find out what they want but also consider how they want it. When you have the answer to that you will be able to provide the ultimate whitening service to meet your patients’ needs.

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