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Mike Farrow explains how SDI Pola Light uses the latest advancements to create safe, effective at-home teeth whitening using LED technology

Teeth whitening is a global market that continues to grow at a pace. With so many options available to patients, practices need to feel confident when recommending different treatment types.

This is especially true for dentist-prescribed athome whitening kits. Being assured that a whitening system is safe and clinically effective is one thing, but other key elements will drive patient uptake, including all the features that make an at-home solution easy to use.

Moving with the market

As far as elective treatments go, teeth whitening is one of the most accessible for dental practices to offer. Exceedingly popular, the option for both chairside and at-home whitening treatments can add another reliable revenue stream.

Look at the global market for teeth whitening – the figures point towards continual growth.

Research conducted by in 2022 predicted a global annual growth rate of 5% from 2022 to 2023, and with an estimated market size of 6.9billion USD in 2021 alone, the popularity of teeth whitening continues to move upwards.

Interestingly, this same study takes a closer look at the types of products used, with teeth-whitening gels, strips and LED light teeth-whitening devices being the fastest-growing product segments.

Another study by Straits Research (2022) relays consistently similar stats and market predictions. With an upwards trend like this, we can be assured that teeth whitening is here to stay. As a practice, maximising this as a revenue stream while providing safe, effective options for patients will enable practices to capture a share of this evergrowing market.

Advanced at-home whitening

In such a competitive market, there are plenty of options for dentists and patients alike, but it’s essential to understand the clinical advantages of each before choosing a product.

Pola Light is an advanced at-home whitening kit that delivers the benefits patients demand while giving the clinician peace of mind.

Highly commended by specialists in restorative dentistry, Pola Light leads the way in at-home whitening by harnessing the latest LED technology in a comfortable mouthpiece and combining this with SDI’s award-winning Pola Day teeth whitening gel.

Together, this provides a comprehensive, effective, easy-to-use at-home kit that’s hassle-free and fits around a patient’s daily routine.

From a dental practice’s point of view, this option also reduces chair-time while delivering outstanding whitening results.

Pola Light whitening versus competitors

By combining a specially formulated teeth whitening gel with an advanced, easy-to-use LED mouthpiece, Pola Light delivers a faster whitening treatment.

Here are the key ways Pola Light excels as an at-home whitening option:

  • LED light technology – the Pola Light whitening system includes an LED light mouthpiece, which enhances the whitening process for brighter smiles in less time
  • It’s mess-free – we’ve listened to patients’ feedback, and we know that messy gels that leak from trays during the whitening process make it more difficult. Unlike other brands, Pola Light’s award-winning, high-viscosity Pola Day Gel stays in place and only requires a small line to be effective. This eliminates the risk of leakage
  • No impressions needed – the one-size-fits-all mouthpiece removes the need for impressiontaking, and the cordless, rechargeable mouthpiece is superior to comparable brands, made with soft materials for maximum patient comfort
  • Everything is in one box – unlike the competitors, no extras are needed with Pola Light. The box is complete with a USB charger, full user instructions and four 3g Pola Day 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening syringes. This also covers future top-up treatments
  • It’s effective and gentle – the award-winning Pola Day formula leads the way for the whitening market, safely removing long-term stains while reducing sensitivity. The secret is the unique remineralising, high water content which minimises sensitivity
  • From just 20 minutes a day – patients easily can fit treatment around their schedules, with just two 10-minute daily treatments or two 15-minute treatments
  • Results in just five days – as well as shorter treatment times, patients can expect to see visibly whiter teeth in just five days, and that’s without any chair time, making it even easier for the dentist and patient.

Total peace of mind

Directing patients to a clinician-approved professional teeth whitening gel ultimately gives you peace of mind.

As Pola Light has been created to answer common issues in the teeth whitening market overall, including a comfortable LED mouthpiece and a leak-free gel, it provides a reliable option that drives safe and effective results.

The ideal choice for any patient looking to whiten their teeth quickly, safely and from the comfort of their home, this winning combination puts Pola Light ahead of the market, and that’s exactly why the Pola range is a wise addition to the treatment options of any dental practice.


Mike Farrow
European sales manager at SDI