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Once upon a time, tooth whitening was the sole preserve of the dentist’s chair – but not anymore. In a world of abundant choice, patients are free to use their knowledge and lifestyle demands to choose the tooth whitening solution that suits them best. The question is how to deliver that choice – and pola has the answer: one reliable system that offers three key options: in-chair whitening, take-home whitening and a paint-on “top-up” solution. All you need to do is identify your patient’s motivation.

 When time is of the essence: polaoffice+

Whilst home whitening kits offer convenience, it may take a little longer to see the desired results. This is where in-chair whitening really comes to the fore. Offering the quickest and most visible results, this formulation is often stronger than take-home products and with polaoffice+ is effective in just 45 minutes.

When home comfort is key: poladay and polanight

When a patient elects a home whitening system, it’s best to determine the advantages of them carrying it out overnight, or if a shorter daytime treatment would be more suitable. With poladay, higher-concentration whitening agents can be applied for as little as 30 minutes per day, while lower-concentration agents can be applied for longer periods with polanight. The range of strengths enables clinicians and patients to choose the whitening agent best suited to the patient’s preference and needs. Both poladay and polanight work to reduce sensitivity with a built-in desensitiser and a high water content, plus fluoride release to remineralise the tooth surface.

When lasting results matter: pola luminate

For the ultimate in convenience, patients can simply walk away and continue with pola luminate’s on-the-move, brush-on treatment – a 6% hydrogen peroxide, low-viscosity, fast-drying gel that can be applied twice a day for 30 minutes without the need for a tray. They can apply this touch-up procedure whenever they wish – an ideal way to maintain tooth whitening between their in-practice or take-home whitening sessions.

Discover how they like it!

So, when it comes to tooth whitening, the question for all clinicians should be ‘how do your patients like it?’. With tooth whitening solutions that meet all your patients’ needs and match their high expectations, pola truly delivers on patient choice.

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