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When it comes to the provision of cosmetic treatment such as tooth whitening, your patients are putting their trust in you to provide the most advanced, reliable and proven products on the market. That’s why the time and research you put into choosing the right system is so important.

A recent survey[i] of dental professionals has shed new light on many aspects around the provision of tooth whitening. When asked about their key criteria for a whitening system it found that the ‘quality, durability, ease of use and aesthetics’ are all top priorities. The majority (35%) selected ‘quality of aesthetic results’ as the most popular reason for choosing their current whitening brand.

With this survey in mind, here are 6 key criteria to consider when deciding which teeth whitening system is best for your practice and your patients.

  1. Consistently aesthetic results

This has to be the most important factor. Your patients will be the ultimate judge of their whitening treatment, and they will go on the final appearance of their teeth. The options you offer to them must therefore be consistently effective and able to achieve the desired effect reliably with long lasting results.

  1. Convenience

For a treatment to be successful, it also needs to fit into your patients’ lifestyles. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance that they will abandon it before the end of the prescribed course. That’s why it’s essential to be able to offer a wide choice of whitening solutions that includes take-home day and night options as well as fast in-practice whitening and on-the-go touch-ups.

  1. Safety

With EU regulations limiting the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to 6% and carbamide peroxide to 16%, UK dental professionals therefore require a whitening system that offers a range of strengths within those limits.

  1. Affordability

Survey respondents indicated that price was the second most important criterion for choosing a whitening system. As is often the case, the more popular and advanced systems can come at a higher cost, but that doesn’t mean they’re not affordable. From a business perspective, whitening needs to be a sustainable and profitable treatment offering for your practice that will build trust in your practice.

  1. Marketability

When it came to giving reasons why the clinicians were using their existing whitening brand in the survey, ‘marketing support’ was the second most popular reason. Busy practices often have little time for marketing with all the other demands of running a practice.

At SDI, we provide a ready-made set of free customisable pola marketing materials such as posters, leaflets and consent forms, which makes it far easier to inform your patients about the benefits of professional, safe whitening and encourage them to book a consultation.

  1. Training and support

We offer team training on pola whitening via a CPD ‘Lunch & Learn’, which ensures you can safely prescribe and provide treatment and your whole team will be confident in selling it responsibly to your patients.

Offering this increasingly popular treatment to your patients opens up a new and potentially lucrative income stream for your practice. Use these criteria to decide which teeth whitening treatment is best for your practice and watch your whitening business grow from strength to strength.sdi pola marketing materials

To start meeting all your patients’ whitening needs, book a FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ with SDI’s range of professional pola tooth whitening systems or call 07970 156 178.

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[i] The Dental Survey – Tooth Whitening 2018

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