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Quick and easy for you

There is no need for trays to be made. After an initial in-practice consultation explaining the technique, patients can simply walk away and continue with on-the-move brush on treatment to suit their needs.

Quick and easy for you to be patient

Your patient can apply Pola Luminate whenever they wish at any time during the day or night – no one will notice they have Pola Luminate on. Designed to fit easily into your patient’s pocket or handbag to be used wherever they find convenient. The low viscosity fast drying gel enables a film to form on the tooth surface with minimal drying time. Patients can choose to whiten one single tooth or their complete smile.

Now Stronger than ever

The 6% hydrogen peroxide concentration ensures fast release of the peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process allowing Pola Luminate to deliver quick and efficient results.

Over 60 applications

Each tube of Pola Luminate holds 5.5ml of whitening gel that can provide over 60 applications.

Touch up & maintain that pola smile

Pola Luminate is a great touch up procedure for patients who have already whitened their teeth before to maintain that bright, white pola smile.

Fluoride releasing

The addition of fluoride remineralises the tooth surface and assits in reducing post-operative sensitivity.

Pleasant Flavour

A long lasting spearmint flavour.