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Gone are the days of waiting to whiten your teeth after orthodontic treatment. New Pola for Aligners enables you to do both at the same time.

pola for aligners

With a global market set to grow by 45% between 2020 and 2026, teeth whitening is a desirable cosmetic treatment that’s only moving in one direction. At-home teeth whitening is the fastest-growing segment in this global market as people opt for convenient, effective options that fit their lifestyle.

The SDI Pola teeth whitening range is designed to meet those needs, and already includes Pola Day, Pola Night and Pola Light, with award-winning formulas and innovative applications that deliver the results. Now, a new addition is available in Pola for Aligners, giving patients the tools to brighten as they straighten their teeth.

Straighten and brighten

First, you straighten, then you whiten. That’s the way it’s always been, but that’s not the way it has to stay. The continued rise of clear aligners presents an opportunity for patients to brighten their teeth at the same time as straightening, allowing them to get the results fast, rather than waiting until their orthodontic treatment is complete.

Dentists will also know that any kind of orthodontic treatment can result in tooth discolouration. Pola for Aligners addresses that, as Dr Linda Greenwall, one of the world’s leading authorities on tooth whitening explains in her recent podcast, “SDI always have their finger on the pulse. Many patients are choosing aligners, and this is such a natural step to help them with their whitening enabling them to get the benefits of white teeth ‘now.’ This is a really effective way to do things.”

Whitening that works

As a dentist, recommending any whitening treatment requires true faith in the product, particularly if it’s a take-home whitening kit. Pola for Aligners provides that peace of mind, with a specially formulated gel that’s recommended by dentists across the world for delivering the best results.

Designed to suit any aligner system, Pola Night’s award-winning formula offers the greatest comfort with sensitivity-reducing potassium nitrate and fluoride and high water content, making it ideal for long term use. The Pola Night 10% carbamide peroxide gel is considered as the gold standard in teeth whitening, providing optimal whitening results while maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Crucially, Pola Night gel stays put in the aligner trays thanks to its high viscosity. The patient simply adds the specified amount into the aligner tray as instructed, places them back in their mouth, and they can carry on with their day.

While Pola for Aligners’ award-winning formula delivers effective whitening, the gel also provides the convenience people demand. It can be used to maintain bright smiles, either overnight or for a couple of hours during the day, in a way that fits into their lifestyle best.

Starting the whitening journey

Giving patients one compact box with everything they need makes Pola for Aligners a simplistic way to get started on whitening. The box includes a 4-syringe kit, each syringe ready with the Pola Night 10% carbamide peroxide gel.

Patients can whiten overnight or from two hours a day and see the results as they straighten their teeth. As Linda Greenwall advises, “my recommendation is to start using Pola for Aligners around a month into aligner treatment, just to allow everything to settle down. As with any professional whitening, patients must first be assessed by their dentist before using Pola for Aligners.”

“Even if patients have attachments on their orthodontic appliances, or use straight-edged or scalloped aligners, this does not interfere with the whitening process. As long as the whitening gel is applied for the recommended length of time, you will get very effective results.”

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